Class PostingsWriterBase

    • Constructor Detail

      • PostingsWriterBase

        protected PostingsWriterBase()
        Sole constructor. (For invocation by subclass constructors, typically implicit.)
    • Method Detail

      • writeTerm

        public abstract BlockTermState writeTerm(BytesRef term,
                                                 TermsEnum termsEnum,
                                                 FixedBitSet docsSeen)
                                          throws IOException
        Write all postings for one term; use the provided TermsEnum to pull a PostingsEnum. This method should not re-position the TermsEnum! It is already positioned on the term that should be written. This method must set the bit in the provided FixedBitSet for every docID written. If no docs were written, this method should return null, and the terms dict will skip the term.
      • encodeTerm

        public abstract void encodeTerm(long[] longs,
                                        DataOutput out,
                                        FieldInfo fieldInfo,
                                        BlockTermState state,
                                        boolean absolute)
                                 throws IOException
        Encode metadata as long[] and byte[]. absolute controls whether current term is delta encoded according to latest term. Usually elements in longs are file pointers, so each one always increases when a new term is consumed. out is used to write generic bytes, which are not monotonic. NOTE: sometimes long[] might contain "don't care" values that are unused, e.g. the pointer to postings list may not be defined for some terms but is defined for others, if it is designed to inline some postings data in term dictionary. In this case, the postings writer should always use the last value, so that each element in metadata long[] remains monotonic.
      • setField

        public abstract int setField(FieldInfo fieldInfo)
        Sets the current field for writing, and returns the fixed length of long[] metadata (which is fixed per field), called when the writing switches to another field.