Class LogMergePolicy

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        public static final double LEVEL_LOG_SPAN
        Defines the allowed range of log(size) for each level. A level is computed by taking the max segment log size, minus LEVEL_LOG_SPAN, and finding all segments falling within that range.
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        Constant Field Values
      • mergeFactor

        protected int mergeFactor
        How many segments to merge at a time.
      • minMergeSize

        protected long minMergeSize
        Any segments whose size is smaller than this value will be rounded up to this value. This ensures that tiny segments are aggressively merged.
      • maxMergeSize

        protected long maxMergeSize
        If the size of a segment exceeds this value then it will never be merged.
      • maxMergeDocs

        protected int maxMergeDocs
        If a segment has more than this many documents then it will never be merged.
      • calibrateSizeByDeletes

        protected boolean calibrateSizeByDeletes
        If true, we pro-rate a segment's size by the percentage of non-deleted documents.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LogMergePolicy

        public LogMergePolicy()
        Sole constructor. (For invocation by subclass constructors, typically implicit.)