Class TieredMergePolicy

  • public class TieredMergePolicy
    extends MergePolicy
    Merges segments of approximately equal size, subject to an allowed number of segments per tier. This is similar to LogByteSizeMergePolicy, except this merge policy is able to merge non-adjacent segment, and separates how many segments are merged at once (setMaxMergeAtOnce(int)) from how many segments are allowed per tier (setSegmentsPerTier(double)). This merge policy also does not over-merge (i.e. cascade merges).

    For normal merging, this policy first computes a "budget" of how many segments are allowed to be in the index. If the index is over-budget, then the policy sorts segments by decreasing size (pro-rating by percent deletes), and then finds the least-cost merge. Merge cost is measured by a combination of the "skew" of the merge (size of largest segment divided by smallest segment), total merge size and percent deletes reclaimed, so that merges with lower skew, smaller size and those reclaiming more deletes, are favored.

    If a merge will produce a segment that's larger than setMaxMergedSegmentMB(double), then the policy will merge fewer segments (down to 1 at once, if that one has deletions) to keep the segment size under budget.

    NOTE: this policy freely merges non-adjacent segments; if this is a problem, use LogMergePolicy.

    NOTE: This policy always merges by byte size of the segments, always pro-rates by percent deletes, and does not apply any maximum segment size during forceMerge (unlike LogByteSizeMergePolicy).