Class TermRangeQuery

    • Constructor Detail

      • TermRangeQuery

        public TermRangeQuery(String field,
                              BytesRef lowerTerm,
                              BytesRef upperTerm,
                              boolean includeLower,
                              boolean includeUpper)
        Constructs a query selecting all terms greater/equal than lowerTerm but less/equal than upperTerm.

        If an endpoint is null, it is said to be "open". Either or both endpoints may be open. Open endpoints may not be exclusive (you can't select all but the first or last term without explicitly specifying the term to exclude.)

        field - The field that holds both lower and upper terms.
        lowerTerm - The term text at the lower end of the range
        upperTerm - The term text at the upper end of the range
        includeLower - If true, the lowerTerm is included in the range.
        includeUpper - If true, the upperTerm is included in the range.