Class TimeLimitingCollector.TimerThread

    • Method Detail

      • getMilliseconds

        public long getMilliseconds()
        Get the timer value in milliseconds.
      • stopTimer

        public void stopTimer()
        Stops the timer thread
      • setResolution

        public void setResolution(long resolution)
        Set the timer resolution. The default timer resolution is 20 milliseconds. This means that a search required to take no longer than 800 milliseconds may be stopped after 780 to 820 milliseconds.
        Note that:
        • Finer (smaller) resolution is more accurate but less efficient.
        • Setting resolution to less than 5 milliseconds will be silently modified to 5 milliseconds.
        • Setting resolution smaller than current resolution might take effect only after current resolution. (Assume current resolution of 20 milliseconds is modified to 5 milliseconds, then it can take up to 20 milliseconds for the change to have effect.