Class GroupDocs<T>

  • public class GroupDocs<T>
    extends Object
    Represents one group in the results.
    • Field Detail

      • groupValue

        public final T groupValue
        The groupField value for all docs in this group; this may be null if hits did not have the groupField.
      • maxScore

        public final float maxScore
        Max score in this group
      • score

        public final float score
        Overall aggregated score of this group (currently only set by join queries).
      • totalHits

        public final int totalHits
        Total hits within this group
    • Constructor Detail

      • GroupDocs

        public GroupDocs(float score,
                         float maxScore,
                         int totalHits,
                         ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs,
                         T groupValue,
                         Object[] groupSortValues)