Interface StatsValues

  • public interface StatsValues
    StatsValue defines the interface for the collection of statistical values about fields and facets.
    • Method Detail

      • accumulate

        void accumulate(NamedList stv)
        Accumulate the values based on those in the given NamedList
        stv - NamedList whose values will be used to accumulate the current values
      • accumulate

        void accumulate(BytesRef value,
                        int count)
        Accumulate the values based on the given value
        value - Value to use to accumulate the current values
        count - number of times to accumulate this value
      • missing

        void missing()
        Updates the statistics when a document is missing a value
      • addMissing

        void addMissing(int count)
        Updates the statistics when multiple documents are missing a value
        count - number of times to count a missing value
      • addFacet

        void addFacet(String facetName,
                      Map<String,StatsValues> facetValues)
        Adds the facet statistics for the facet with the given name
        facetName - Name of the facet
        facetValues - Facet statistics on a per facet value basis
      • getStatsValues

        NamedList<?> getStatsValues()
        Translates the values into a NamedList representation
        NamedList representation of the current values