Class ReRankCollector

    • Method Detail

      • needsScores

        public boolean needsScores()
        Description copied from interface: Collector
        Indicates if document scores are needed by this collector.
        true if scores are needed.
      • topDocs

        public TopDocs topDocs(int start,
                               int howMany)
        Description copied from class: TopDocsCollector
        Returns the documents in the range [start .. start+howMany) that were collected by this collector. Note that if start >= pq.size(), an empty TopDocs is returned, and if pq.size() - start < howMany, then only the available documents in [start .. pq.size()) are returned.
        This method is useful to call in case pagination of search results is allowed by the search application, as well as it attempts to optimize the memory used by allocating only as much as requested by howMany.
        NOTE: you cannot call this method more than once for each search execution. If you need to call it more than once, passing each time a different range, you should call TopDocsCollector.topDocs() and work with the returned TopDocs object, which will contain all the results this search execution collected.
        topDocs in class TopDocsCollector