Class BaseManagedTokenFilterFactory

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      • inform

        public void inform(ResourceLoader loader)
                    throws IOException
        Registers an endpoint with the RestManager so that this component can be managed using the REST API. This method can be invoked before all the resources the RestManager needs to initialize a ManagedResource are available, so this simply registers the need to be managed at a specific endpoint and lets the RestManager deal with initialization when ready.
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        inform in interface ResourceLoaderAware
      • getResourceId

        protected abstract String getResourceId()
        Let the concrete analysis component decide the path it wishes to be managed at.
      • getManagedResourceImplClass

        protected abstract Class<? extends ManagedResourcegetManagedResourceImplClass()
        Let the concrete analysis component determine the ManagedResource implementation. As there can be many instances of the same analysis component in a schema, this class should not presume to create ManagedResource. For instance, there may be 10 instances of the ManagedStopFilterFactory that use the same set of English stop words and we don't want 10 copies of the ManagedWordSetResource in the same core.